Best repairs to undertake before selling

As you prepare to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure that it is in its top shape to attract buyers. There’s a difference between minor repairs and a full refurbishment.

It’s best to speak to Deborah before you start preparing your home for sale. Buyers are usually interested in a property that they can move into immediately, without the need for further repairs. If they see a property in need of obvious maintenance, they may look elsewhere.

Give Your Home a Paint Job

One of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to spruce up your property is to give it a fresh coat of paint.
This looks good and can help hide other problems, such as water marks or smoke stains that have accumulated over the years. As you paint, you’ll want to keep the – following tips in mind:

  • Paint using light-coloured, neutral tones. These appeal to the widest range of potential buyers and create the feeling of a blank canvas and helps make rooms appear more spacious.
  • There’s no need to paint the whole property if it’s in decent condition. Simply focus on the exterior trim and front door in this case.
  • If you’re not confident with your painting abilities, hire a professional to get the job done right. A bad paint job can do more harm than good.

Lighting Repairs

The lighting in your home is a very important component of its atmosphere.
When you’re showing a home to buyers, be sure to turn all the lights on to show how bright it can be. Replace any expired light bulbs, and check exterior lights as well as interior ones. Install light bulbs with a higher wattage in dim areas of the home to make them look more inviting.

Kitchen Repairs and Maintenance

The kitchen is considered to be one of the showcase areas of the home.
Be sure to take care of any problems that leave it less than useable or relaxing.
This could include the following repairs:

  • Fix any drawers or cupboards in need of repair, including replacing hinges or tracking.
  • Repair damaged laminate on your countertop, replacing the surface if necessary.
  • Repair leaking faucets and repair old sinks. You want your kitchen to sparkle.

Bathroom Repairs

Another standout area of the home is the bathroom.
The high moisture content and frequent use makes it more prone to damage than other areas.

  • Replace or repair old, leaky faucets.
  • Put down new grouting if necessary around areas like the toilet, shower, and sink to help keep moisture out.
  • Repair or replace damaged and chipped tiles on the floors, walls, and other surfaces.

Exterior of the Home

You might have a sparkling, beautiful interior to your home with all new fixtures.
Yet if the exterior looks old and shabby, the buyer may never even make it inside. This is where first impressions are made, so take care to boost your curb appeal.

  • Take a close look at fences. If any are in poor condition, consider repainting them or replacing them.
  • If your front yard is looking a little sparse, planting fresh flowers is an easy way to brighten it up.
  • The roof is one of the most important exterior areas of any home. Roof repairs should be taken care of to protect the house from the elements. Lichen or moss can signify neglect to buyers, so clear it away.

Electrical System and Plumbing Repairs

In most cases, your house will be subject to a building inspection before the sale can go through.
You’ll want to be sure that your house passes the test by checking over the electrical and plumbing systems on your own. Doing this ahead of time gives you a chance to fix any problems and avoid last minute surprises.

Taking the time to give your home a solid once-over and taking care of these minor repairs will put you ahead of the competition when selling.
Even an older property can look fresh and new with a few minor fixes and a coat of paint. A house that is ready for new inhabitants will be ready to make a great first impression.
Speak with Deborah Brady today about our list of recommended Trades people to assist you in any work needed.