What my clients say......

Penelope & Rob

1 Feb 19

Deb is very experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous.

Emmy & John

6 Dec 18

Deb went above and beyond for us - first it was a block for sale and then the whole property. We were probably not the easiest of clients and yet she made us feel important and kept us in the loop.

Luke & Melinda

4 Dec 18

Deborah was really helpful and went the extra yards to make the transaction successful.

Karen D

13 Aug 18

Deborah has a winning smile and a cheerful, empathetic personality. She is enthusiastic, energetic with a positive attitude. Polite and not condescending or snobbish but personable and inclusive; all excellent traits. We went to a home open and watched her greet everyone with the same welcoming approach, we knew she was the right agent to sell our home. As long as she is the only one who actually attends the home opens and meets each potential buyer. Her negotiating skills are well honed indeed. She knows her craft. Highly recommended. She sold our home in 5 days for more than my husband had anticipated.


13 Aug 18

I have found Deborah Brady to be a very delightful real estate agent. She has a very bright and friendly personality that instantly made me feel at ease. She answered any questions we had about the house and if she didn’t know she immediately contacted the owners to find out from them.The whole process of buying my house went smoothly and I am grateful to Deborah for that.

Carola & Oye

13 Aug 18

From the moment we met Deborah, she was accommodating and straightforward. We felt she was reasonable and realistic. Despite the fact that she probably knew within the first 30 seconds that we would be the likely buyers, we were not subjected to pushy, overt sales pitches, however she did well by the seller.

We can highly recommend Deborah for sale or purchase.

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